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iiLucky_ Admin Member
Lolko554 about 1 month ago
hello I'm lolko on my ban for bot that not at all (I use google translation) i am french...
Shadow_PeasantYT 3 months ago
are you really that rude? that is idiotic and advertising that server was foolish but it shud get a warning or a 1mo ban but a perma ban is just no, its not that bad and the server i said has barley eny guns. please run ur server better -shadow
Shadow_PeasantYT 3 months ago
mate, one of your admins ban me along time ago, i cant appeal its broken for me can you unban me? its been 3 months and the admin that ban me was {littledigno29} and i was banned for advertising. i did not mean to. its was an accident for my copy and paste XD please unban i did not mean harm ;/
.Owner9953 7 months ago
wait r u know that I was in leather armor and with wooden tools how u can tell that I kill him I also joke with admin so he doesn't create any bad reaction 😡
.Owner9953 7 months ago
hi, that's not fair I'm just joking to Breeth that ill kill you he banned me permanently which means the staff is not peaceful.my username is .Owner9953
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Howdy folks, 

I wish I was coming with better news this time around but we have to move forward and get this announcement out. By no means does it provide joy, but after a long personal mental debate. I’ve decided on the new guidelines for transferring items from Survival Reborn to Survival 3.0 due to unforeseen issues that we are running into with the current system. Due to the circumstances, I’m going to be as clear and honest as possible regarding this topic to minimize any misunderstandings. So let's jump into the details…


Why the change compared to what was previously announced?

For those that were around for the reset from Towny to Reborn, you will know that the way we handled item transfers was a very manual task and only allowed a certain amount of items, no duplicates, and one chest. You then had to open a ticket with the cords to the chest, then we had to note the items and manually spawn each item on the Reborn server. This alone took weeks to do for all players. 


This time around, we have tried to mainstream this by using plots, and a transfer world. The idea behind it was going to speed up the process and have the items at our fingertips without having to run a million commands and spend countless hours spawning items thousands of times. On initial testing, this was a success. We tried it again now that we have a lot more data within the plots to carry over and are finding items corrupting between the carry over between the servers. We have spent hours trying to find a way to resolve this issue but are not able to. I’m expecting that since the world on Reborn is generated on 1.19.2 and importing it onto the latest version is causing issues but I’m not sure. 


What this means is that minimizing the manual tasks is no longer available and will require us to spawn every single item into the new Survival 3.0 server. We are talking weeks of standing in these plots, sorting the items, and then re-spawning each one in. Some players have multiple double chests full of full shulkers and thousands of items. To make it very clear, here is the workload we would be performing:

  • Reviewing all the items within the plots and remove any that do not meet the approved list

  • Pull out the shulkers from each chest, then pull the items out of the shulkers

  • Replace each of the items and spawn them in fresh (this would be thousands of give commands between the different plugins..)

  • Put the items back in the shulker

  • Put the shulker back in the chest

A double chest full of filled shulkers would take hours to complete even with multiple staff working on the same chest. 


With all of that said and explained, I will not be forcing staff to spend countless hours spawning thousands of items when we need to be focusing elsewhere. Now let's jump into what is changing…


New Guidelines

Each player will be able to bring ONE shulker full of tools, weapons, furniture, artmaps, invisible item frames, etc. We have set up a new plot for each player to be able to claim within the /warp transfer world. Each plot is already set up with 7 color shulkers and signs to describe exactly what goes in which shulker. 


Red Shulker = Weapons

Green Shulker = Tools

Brown Shulker = Armor and Shields

Blue Shulker = Cosmetic Accessories (hats, backpacks, wings)

Yellow Shulker = Furniture

Black/White Shulkers = Mix between Art Maps, Invis Item Frames, O-bitch-uaires (I know it’s spelled wrong.. Gotta add some humor here)


You can take duplicates of any item but you ONLY get one shulker. If you want to take 27 of the same sword that is perfectly fine.


Again no:

  • Slimefun items

  • Any item or any kind that provides a unfair advantage (keys, pouches, etc etc)


If we find any attempts, we will simply wipe the plot and move onto the next when replacing items. 


With this change, instead of having to replace upwards of ten thousand plus items, we limit ~189 items per player (all shulkers combined) that we need to manually spawn in saving hours and weeks of work.


Friendly Note From Myself

Without a doubt we have been hard at work on the reset and finding a happy medium to allow item transfers. If we have thousands of dollars and a dev team to pay to build us a last minute plugin.. Things would be different but unfortunately we are not and never have intentions of getting that big. We use what we have available and sometimes that requires making decisions. 


With these changes some are going to be more upset compared to others. Here is what I can say, we spent 6+ hours today trying to find a way to keep our players happy but at the same time keep it manageable and this was the final decision. At one point in the brain storming we discussed just completely starting fresh with no item transfers as a whole. We knew that wasn’t going to be an option we would want to move forward with even though it would be the easiest option. We wouldn’t have had to put all of this together, but we are always thinking about the community and our players.


If you have any issues with these changes, message me directly on Discord and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. There is no need to explode in the other channels. You want to voice your opinion that is fine. You want to complain endlessly and rant, do it to me directly I’d be more than happy to discuss directly.


Some Good News…
Reset is looking very good and have been working on getting things fine tuned. At this rate we might be looking at an open BETA testing period come Friday for a few hours to let players jump in early, claim a limited time tag, and report any issues prior to a full release.


New Guidelines for Item Transfers 2 days ago

First things first, I want to say thank you to everyone from staff to all of the players. Without all of you, this community wouldn’t be where it is today nor would it be alive! Thank you for everyone’s support through the highs and lows. Some of you may have noticed that the Survival Reborn server has not been getting many updates other than fixes for major issues that have come up. This is because we have been focusing on our newest step forward and with that said, I’m proud to announce Survival 3.0. 

What is Survival 3.0? 

Survival 3.0 will be the RoyaleMC’s next Survival server which will replace Survival Reborn once released. That’s right, this will be a FULL reset (with some exceptions) with a bunch of improvements, new features, and so much more! Before getting into all the fancy details, let’s tackle the question, “why a reset” that many of you may be asking. 


Why a Reset? 

To those who have been around for a while, this shouldn’t be any surprise. Since the creation of RoyaleMC and our first Survival server back in 2019, we have reset the server around once a year. With each reset, we learn from our mistakes, implement new features, remove old/not liked features, and so much more. There are also features and fixes we can not implement without a fresh start. Reborn has been a huge success but it does have its flaws and those flaws we plan to address. 

We want our community to know that we don’t just reset the server for fun. A lot of planning, work, frustrations, go into each reset and especially this one. We hope everyone enjoys the new server, fresh start, and all the new features!


Now time to get into the fun... What’s New? Changing? Removed?



  • ItemSkins plugin - Players will now be able to remove skins from items and rotate the skins on your favorite tool and weapons. 

  • Server will be running the latest version of paper (1.20.X) and will include the latest biomes, blocks, mobs, etc. 

  • Player Mall - In order to create player shops, a mall plot will need to be rented within the mall world. Some plots are in the mall, while some plots are available to build your own buildings. 

  • Cosmetics - Cosmetic items like wings, hat, backpacks, etc currently take an inventory slot. Either it being your off-hand or head slot. This will no longer be the case. You will be able to wear your favorite hat, wings or backpack, all while having a full set or armor, sword and shield in your hand! Complete those outfits like never before!

  • Lands - A whole new way to claim land. Powered by the lands plugin. This plugin is not a complex as the current plug-in but has a lot of great features and is less confusing to use. If you have never used it, it’s similar to towny but not really. 

  • Cosmetic Credits and Cosmetic Shop - Right now, we only offer some cosmetics on the store and it requires the purchase of an entire pack. Soon, we will only offer Cosmetic Credits to be purchased from the store which can be used within the in-game Cosmetic Shop to buy specific item skins, furniture, etc. without having to buy complete packs.

  • Envoys - Envoys will spawn randomly on a set schedule. Locate the chests to obtain limited/rare rewards. 

  • New Slimefun Addon - Quaptics

  • Dungeons (this will be added after release but the reset allows us to implement core components that we couldn’t prior preventing us from moving forward.)

  • Resource Worlds auto resetting consistently


  • A complete overhaul to the Slimefun ranks and tokens. Improved balancing, unlocks, recipes and more. Thank you to our @balance team for spending so much time and effort on this.

  • Claims will have daily upkeep costs based on the amount of claimed chunks.

  • Slimefun limits per chunk for certain machines/blocks. Similar to cargo limits, some machines and blocks will be limited on a per chunk basis. Slimefun ranks will increase these limits.

  • Adjustments to RoyaleMC custom Slimefun items and tools

  • Crates will all be virtual keys (stops the duping of keys) 

  • Villagers will no longer spawn in villages, and breeding has been disabled. We have made adjustments to the /shop. Villagers are very lag heavy when hundreds are ticking. 

  • PyroFishing tournaments - in order to compete you will need to fish somewhere within Spawn when the tournament is happening

  • and many other minor fixes to menus, tab formatting, etc.


  • Jobs plug-in - that’s right, jobs has been completely removed. Jobs was added years ago on our first addition of Survival, way before we used any of the Pyro plugins. Other than the Hunter job, people don’t use the jobs plugin for making money. 

These are the main topics. Some things might of been missed or haven’t been finalized to include in this announcement. 


Most, if not all of the changes above, were done for one of the following reasons:

  • Server performance, lag, and overall health

  • Player feedback, complaints, and discussions 


Current Custom Items and Furniture

If you were here for our Towny server, you will know we transferred your custom items from Towny to Reborn. We will do the same for Reborn to Survival 3.0 with some exceptions. As mentioned above, we are using a new Item Skins plugin. Instead of obtaining the physical item, you will be given the item skin to the associated custom item. The custom furniture will be exactly the same and carried over. We are still in the process of figuring out exactly how we want to handle transferring the items and will post more information later this week. 

Last time, we did it manually via tickets. 

We are looking at different options to make this task less tedious but if not tickets it will be…


Halloween Event

We will be kicking off the reset with a huge Halloween event with tons of custom items, furniture, tags, and fun things to do! More details to come!


Release Date

We are looking to release the server on October 1st, 2023. We still have a handful of things to finish and clean up but as of right now that date is looking promising. If anything is to change, we will keep everyone posted!


What Happens After Release?

After release, Survival Reborn will stay open for 2 to 3 weeks after release to allow players time to gather their cosmetics items and say their goodbyes to any builds/memories. During this time frame, Slimefun will be removed from the server meaning any Slimefun items will not work. There is no need for Slimefun to be running during this time frame and using unneeded server resources. 

Maybe for the final few days we enable TNT and let yall blow up spawn? 


With all of that said, we really hope everyone enjoys the new start and all the new changes and features we are including. We fully understand that resets are always bitter sweet. As mentioned above, we never make changes or decisions to harm our community or players unless absolutely needed. We are always looking at the positives and what will help the server/community thrive further. Reborn had a good run, now it’s time to take what we have learned on the things we have done wrong and the things we have done right in Reborn and apply them to a new Survival experience! 


Was created directly for Sername….

Reset is coming, new features, changes, yee haw… Old server go bye bye.. Copy your cosmetics to new server.


Survival 3.0 Announcement 6 days ago

SprEaster Event

- Easter egg (head) hunt >> Find all the eggs for FREE event keys

- Easter event crate filled will 50+ different rewards

- Easter furniture slot machine

- April Fools furniture slot machine

- Easter Bunny art map contest

- 3x jobs boost

- 40% off store wide sale

- Brew master / Easter brews >> Trade in the Brews with the Brew Master to obtain free keys

- Vote parties provide free keys

- Event keys on store!

Easter Bunny Clipart Images - Free Download on Freepik


Spring/Easter Event - April 2023 6 months ago

Our Valentine’s Day event is live! It’s been live since Feb 14th and will continue until March 1st.

read all the details at: https://www.royale-mc.com/forum/topic/8-valentines-day-event---feb-14th---mar-1st/

Valentines Day Event 7 months ago

Valentine's Day Event

We are happy to announce our Valentine's Day event is NOW live! Come join our Survival server to check out the features! This year's event includes:

  • 36 new custom items to collect
  • Valentine's day event crate
  • Chocolate bar head hunt in a NEW location
  • Brewmaster and Valentine's day themed brews
  • Cupid art map contest
  • Sneak peek at what we have been working on courtesy of Mr. Future in spawn
  • 15% off store-wide sale
  • 2x money/xp for jobs

Event crate keys can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Complete the head hunt = 4 crate keys
  2. Trade holiday brews with the brewmaster = 3 crate keys
  3. Vote parties = 1 key for EACH party
  4. Purchasing from the store at $3 each
  5. Placing top 3 in the cupid art map contest

One of the events features is Mr. Future. Clicking on the NPC in spawn will bring you to a very early build of what we have been working on when it comes to custom mobs, dungeons, and boss fights. Note, this is for java players only and requires the texture pack!


Valentines Day Event - Feb 14th - Mar 1st 8 months ago