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iiLucky_ Admin Member
Owner 7 days ago
wait r u know that I was in leather armor and with wooden tools how u can tell that I kill him I also joke with admin so he doesn't create any bad reaction 😡
Owner 7 days ago
hi, that's not fair I'm just joking to Breeth that ill kill you he banned me permanently which means the staff is not peaceful.my username is .Owner9953
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Our Valentine’s Day event is live! It’s been live since Feb 14th and will continue until March 1st.

read all the details at: https://www.royale-mc.com/forum/topic/8-valentines-day-event---feb-14th---mar-1st/

Valentines Day Event 27 days ago

Valentine's Day Event

We are happy to announce our Valentine's Day event is NOW live! Come join our Survival server to check out the features! This year's event includes:

  • 36 new custom items to collect
  • Valentine's day event crate
  • Chocolate bar head hunt in a NEW location
  • Brewmaster and Valentine's day themed brews
  • Cupid art map contest
  • Sneak peek at what we have been working on courtesy of Mr. Future in spawn
  • 15% off store-wide sale
  • 2x money/xp for jobs

Event crate keys can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Complete the head hunt = 4 crate keys
  2. Trade holiday brews with the brewmaster = 3 crate keys
  3. Vote parties = 1 key for EACH party
  4. Purchasing from the store at $3 each
  5. Placing top 3 in the cupid art map contest

One of the events features is Mr. Future. Clicking on the NPC in spawn will bring you to a very early build of what we have been working on when it comes to custom mobs, dungeons, and boss fights. Note, this is for java players only and requires the texture pack!


Valentines Day Event - Feb 14th - Mar 1st about 1 month ago

We are proud to announce and show off our new website. It was not a planned change that we anticipated to have to accomplish this year. However, we recently were provided the news that Enjin (our old web host) would be shutting down on April 30th, 2023. We took swift actions to ensure we were ahead of this deadline!

You can read about Enjin's shutdown here: https://www.enjin.com/forums/m/10826/viewthread/33680417-what-happening-to-enjin-50-days-left/post/140047103

With the new site, we plan on utilizing more of the forums to help provide and spread information throughout our community. If you have already, register an account on our website and sign up for our newsletter!


New Website - Enjin Shutdown about 1 month ago

- `Main` world has been extended an additional 5k x 5k. It's currently at `15k x 15k`

*I do not plan to increase the world any further past this unless absolutely needed. Bigger the world = bigger the disk space used*

- Updated `/rtp` menu to reflect the above change

- Removed chest lock plugin

> There were many issues with the plugin and most importantly players were allowed to lock other peoples chests without them being in the claim

- Fixed a typo with player rank menu mentioning rank XVII had a 1.4x sell multiplier

January 24th, 2023 - Change Log #2 about 1 month ago

Survival Reborn

  • **NEW** Material Pulverizer Machine - Covert honey comb and glass bottles into honey bottles and ice into snow blocks
  • Material Pulverizer has been added to Slimefun rank Tier V - Achieve rank V to unlock access
  • **NEW** Infinity Smeltery to Infinity Expansion (custom machine) - 240x speed | 20k j/s
  • Adjusted the Slimefun Tier VI Rankup Token - Electric Core Machine II has been replaced to Core of Block


  • Removed Towny NPC and hologram
  • Removed Towny from Sever Selector

January 24th, 2023 - Change Log about 1 month ago