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Welcome to RoyaleMc's rules page!
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Staff always have the final say in any situation. We understand each situation will be different and a specific rule may or may not apply. We will work with all players involved to ensure there is a full understanding of the situation and that the correct punishment(s) are put into place. 

Any issues with a punishment should be dealt with in a ban appeal from the server's website. Messaging all staff in discord will not help your cause.→ Appeal

1. Do NOT give out items/slimefun items that will break the game for other players. The purpose of the rank up systems and price guide are to have all players go through the process. While we dont have this rule in place to necessarily have to enforce, and monitor 24/7, we still want to maintain some sort of order for the longevity of the economy and the community.


2. If you open your mob grinder up to others, it is not allowed to be within 10 chunks of another claim, or near any slimefun base. The only exception to this rule is an item collection and storage system. Any violations of this will result in removal and regeneration of the area.


3. Player warps can not be connected to a Slimefun base. If your warp causes lag we will remove it. And a punishment for causing server lag will be issued.


4. If your claim falls, due to insufficient funds in your land bank, you will have 12 hours to reclaim your build. During this 12 hour period, your claim will not be protected and can be raided in its entirety. At the 12 hour mark, your claim will return to the state it was before the claim was made.

**To add money to your land bank, the command is /lands deposit $**


5. Excessive world griefing in any form within any of the non-resource worlds will result in a ban.


6. No intentional claim blocking.

- Claim blocking - claiming an area around another player-claimed land to prevent them from being able to expand


7. No trolling/griefing other players with any Slimefun item(s). For example, Dropping unstable ingots to kill a player. This will result in a permanent ban


8. No scamming other players in any form.This includes the auction house, player shops, trading, etc. If you’re found scamming, you will be punished and may lose permission to the auction house, player shops, depending on the situation.


9. No impersonating other players or staff


10. Zero tolerance for cheating of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, autoclicking, anti afk, auto fishing, dupe exploit, hacked clients or any other means of gaining an unfair advantage over other players. If you cheat you get the yeet!


11. No lag machines or chunk loaders of any kind. If ANY machine is found to be harming the server, you and your machine  will be removed by staff without any warning.


12. Disrespecting other players or staff will result in a ban. This includes excessive foul language, directed towards other players or not.


13. No advertising of non-server-related links, other servers, or other server ips.


14. Racism, hate speech and death threats will NOT be tolerated. Any player breaking this rule will be instantly banned from all parts of the network without the option to appeal. Dont try to walk the line on this


15. No use of ALTS to gain an advantage on your main account! For example:

    - two accounts on to keep chunks loaded while you do something else.

    - Two accounts on to obtain double vote party/drop rewards, event items, or special cosmetic rewards.

    - Voting on more than one account for double rewards.


16.Attempting to evade a punishment will result in a permanent IP ban from the entire network; servers, store, website, Discord, etc.


17.Only use approved mods:

- Optifine

- Litmatica without printer

- Minimap

- No Recipe Book

list subject to change

Mod not listed? Please open a ticket in our Discord for staff to review for approval.


18. No death warps, trap warps, or teleport killing.


19. Excessive begging for items will result in punishment.

20. ”Insiding" a claim to steal items will result in a ban. This means do not team up with someone simply to raid it and then leave. It also means do not grief/raid your other town members.

At the end of the day we can not have every possible rule listed, we are not a babysitter and we will not act as one. If we feel you are causing unwanted drama or if you keep causing problems, you will be removed from our community.

Discord Server Rules

  1. Be nice and respectful to ALL members and staff.

  2. No form of harassment will be tolerated.

  3. Do not harass staff in discord channels or through direct messaging.

  4. No shaming. blaming or witch-hunting.

  5. Be tolerant of all. We will not tolerate sexism, homophobia, racism or intolerance towards people due to their political leanings.

  6. Keep it clean - no NSFW content or discussion.

  7. No discussion of server bans in chat.

  8. Use the appropriate channels for discussion/content/advertising/relevant information.

  9. Please respect the admins and moderation team.

  10. English is the primary language of this server, please keep the discussion in English.

  11. No impersonation of any kind.

  12. No advertising of other Discord Servers. Please PM a staff member first.

  13. No meme dogs, bobs or any other spam-able memes.

  14.  No invisible usernames/avatars.

  15. If a moderator deems your username unfit, we have all rights to change it.